Fluidity.Love Mission Statement

Civilization is in the beginning stages of a massive paradigm shift from a rigid and role-based society to one that is fluid. Fluidity in roles impacts our lives in every aspect. We are learning to be fluid in our careers, moving through experiences but following passion. Almost all the great discoveries of humankind were made by someone who was fluid, moving from one career/skill/focus to another. A key first step any individual makes to finding themselves is by rejecting a role they were given. They may have told you to be a doctor, a lawyer, a writer, a farmer, but it was when you say no and find your own path that you find success and happiness.

The first role we are given, even before we are born is gender. Unfortunately, in the role-based paradigm, gender is the third rail. Forty percent of homeless teens are kids who played with gender and were abandoned. But fortunately, in the fluid paradigm, people are finding tremendous success, love and happiness through brave explorations across gender border lines.

Our mission is to accelerate this paradigm shift, making it safe, fun and vibrant for everyone to take part in. This might be as a parent, supporting your baby who is growing to be someone authentic, aware and enlightened. This might be as a sister realizing her brother is finding his femininity. You may be the wife or boyfriend or girlfriend of someone who loves you very much and is beginning to know themselves better through gender fluidity. Our mission is to help everyone understand, support and love the people who are brave enough to find themselves.

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AD Diggs: Founder of Genderless Apparel "Digg The Kicks"

AD Diggs has a hustler spirit that won't let her fail. She is an inspiring woman and we are lucky to have the chance to interview her and share her story.

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How To Be A Girl : The Starter Kit

Femininity is so complex, abstract and beautiful. There are so many ways to get started expressing yourself as a girl. This is just the starter kit send us your own suggestions!!

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The Adore Effect

We Will Never Fit In Boxes Again

HumanEditorial note: If you haven't yet come across Adore Delano, you could start by reading these recent articles from Vice and Billboard , then watch their Youtube Videos, follow them on Instagram and I'm sorry not sorry, you'll be obsessed. Huge thank you to Aisha [link] and Michelle [link] in particular for being so generous with their time in the interview process.

Adore isn't just another emerging star.

In the last 6 months, Adore has become an icon for the fluidity movement. Adore will simply not be put in a box. Adore is more than YouTuber, not just a drag star, not a boy, not a girl - find a box and you'll find Adore won't fit in it. Even Adore's most devoted fans are unsure of which pronouns to use and when. Adore's YouTube channel is still named "DannyNoriega", Adore's boy name, though the recent video titles on that channel present her name as Adore Delano. Adore presents as a boy and a girl as she and he and they please. Fixing a pronoun just won't do.


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Creative & Courageous Russian: Ethan Nikelsky

We are so glad to have the chance to interview Ethan Nikelsky and bring you Ethan's story.

Ethan Nikelsky was before Itan Nikelskii in his Russian documents. Asked about his name, he explained us:

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The First Genderfluid Retail in London: VERV LONDON

We are happy to have the chance to interview the first genderfluid fashion retail in London, VERV London. www.vervlondon.com We are pleased to have a conversation with Sannu Shresta, the Managing Director of the brand which is also one of the founders of the brand.

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A Little Too Wild: Berenike Haack

We are happy to have the chance to interview Niki Horrorshow from Germany (full name: Berenike Haack). She identifies herself as gender neutral, with sexuality as bisexual/pansexual. Included in the interview below will be an elaboration of her interesting vision on gender/sexuality.

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The First Ever Gender-Neutral Model in Africa and India: Peta Nitka

and Her Thriving Story on Being Herself

We Fluidity.Love are so glad to have the chance to interview fashion model Peta Nitka from Czech Republic. She is the First Ever Gender-Neutral Model in Africa and India. We are so happy to bring her beautiful story to you.

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3 Ways To Know If Your Wife Would Be Supportive Of Your Gender Fluidity

For many men, the biggest barrier to gender fluidity is the threat of losing the woman that they love. Gender orientation is so easy to confuse with sexual orientation, and the only narrative that mainstream culture has is Transparent . We have generally accepted that you either are gay or are not gay, and if you think about being a girl than you should just accept you are gay. That barrier kept me from being honest and open about who I actually was. I never had a crush on a guy, never fell in love with a guy. I always wanted to be around women.

I lived for nearly 11 years in fear of telling my wife about myself. I thought she was going to find it to be a turn off and that she would lose all respect for me. I felt that if she ever discovered this about me it would risk the marriage. We have kids, our life together is my life, I care about my commitment to them more than the universe.

I missed SO many years from a silly fear. But, I was and am lucky. The fears I had were not invalid to have - there are women who can not make the leap and it does lead to divorce and great tragedy - the same type of tragedy that happens to teens who are abandoned. I've tried to break down the larger characteristics you can look at and ways to move very safely in a sunny, loving way to understanding each other.

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The Courageous and Confident: August Aiden

We are pleased to have the chance to talk and had a conversation with the confident August Aiden.

August Aiden was born in 1994, assigned biologically as female from Rhode Island. However he never felt like a woman or feminine from the inside since such a young age. He is now living in Los Angeles, California.

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The Fabulous & Out of This World: Anne Dromeda

We are lucky to have the chance to interview a fabulous, beautiful drag queen Miss Anne Dromeda.

"My name is Anne Dromeda and I'm out of this world!"

Miss Anne Dromeda (her male name: Scott) is a drag queen based in Los Angeles, California. Scott identifies himself as a gay male that performs in drag as a hobby. He's happy that all his friends, parents, and coworkers all know and support him. His mom comes to almost every one of his shows, and his coworkers come out from time to time. "I'm lucky to live in Los Angeles and in a gay friendly community and workplace."

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Photo: Levi Saunders - Unsplash

The New Gender-Fluid Reality: Are You Prepared? Is Your Company?

Fluidity.Love's Immersive Workshops Will Train Businesses And Individuals To Be Ready.

If you are working in the HR department of your company, working in diversity or education, are in any position of leadership at your organization, are a coach, or if you have teenagers at home, you'll want to pay attention to what follows as it will solve your existing adaptive issues on gender fluidity. What we'll break down with data is that many millions of people around the world now identify as gender fluid, non binary or transgender. They are your customers, your clients and your co-workers. We also break down how much evidence there is that companies and schools today are not prepared for today's world - leading to unnecessary pain, legal and PR problems as well as missed opportunities to create genuine and meaningful connections.

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Join our Gender Fluidity Inclusivity Workshop Online

It's not hard to understand how to be sweet, genuine, empathetic and understanding to gender non conforming people. We provide the safe space to understand, ask questions, be clumsy without penalty to be elegant and well informed in the real world.

This is scheduled as a 2 hour online immersive workshop that includes training, role playing scenarios, time for questions and an exam.

Sign up at our EventBrite Page!!

Meet the Fabulous Daria Jane

We spoke to Daria Jane, a 19-year old student in Romania, on thriving and being herself.

How amazing is Daria?

Daria Ioana Bulzan, known as Daria Jane from YouTube is 19 and studies Marketing at Bucharest's Business University. She grew up in Botosani, a small town in Romania, and, at just 11, she moved to the capital, Bucharest, to join a ballet school. At 14, Daria decided to join the acting high school where she graduated from.

"I Fought For Myself, But Was Surrounded by Good People"

How beautiful of Daria's mom?

Who helped you the most to become who you are today?

"Believe it or not, I am the person who helped me the most to become myself, because I find it hard nowadays to rely on others... even though my mother is more than a best friend and we have a special relationship. She helped me a lot as well, morally and even financially at the beginning of my transition. I can mention my friends too, they were very supportive as well. I may say I was surrounded by good people.

I only grew up with my mother, and as I said, she helped me a lot and loves me unconditionally. I'm her only child at the end of the day. My relatives were ok too. I can't remember any awful moments, my family didn't really make it that big of a deal."

"I'm more sure of who I am now than ever"

How cute is this couple?

When asked if she had to fight for who she is, Daria doesn't sugar-coat the process but also sees the beauty and power in her achievement:

Tricky and tough question. I will say yes though, because in my case, we're talking about transitioning. There is a journey, more-like a"hell of a ride." I have been through cringey and embarrassing moments (a lot of those), surgeries, debates, insults, bullying... and yet here I am, just being me. I think it's a mental "transition" as well, because it made me the strong person I am today. I don't regret anything though, because I'm a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. I learned a lot of lessons throughout my journey. Having said that, I'm more sure of who I am than ever.

"I want to show the world that trans people can be rational/sane"

How charming is this look?

Regarding her fans on social media, Daria is very level-headed and has a crystal clear mind as to what she wants to accomplish through her platform and how:

"I don't see them as fans, since I'm not a popular person. I'm just expressing my views in general. that may be highly controversial or not, and I don't aspire to get "more fans", but to get more real (if that makes any sense). I want to show the world that trans people can be rational/sane. And yes, I'm down to speak at events although there aren't many. About community hmm... I'm not very connected to the people of the trans community, or LGBT in general. I'm surrounded by straight non-trans people all the time and I love it. Believe it or not, I feel like I can forget about this aspect of my life, I try to do what I would've done if I'd been a biologically born woman and focus on my career and my goals. I really don't like to emphasize the fact that I'm trans (it's no secret, but it's no pride either), and this way helped me live normally in a society where these things are often seen as horrible and very controversial."

Daria's Transition Timeline Video

Looking Elegant

Sexy, Sophisticated, Daria has the look

Future World Leader

This is your future boss

Fun, Real, Honest and Genuine

Showing the world by example

Changing the World by Being True

Life can be beautiful and fun

A City Girl

Street charm

Daria's Thoughts on the Struggles in the LGBT Community

Andrea Gibson - Your Life

This is so gorgeous I cry every time that I watch it. It is a must see

You are the only boy you ever wanted to tear your dress off for

Your pronouns haven't even been invented yet

More gorgeous Andrea Gibson videos below

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Coming Out: The Cave Network

The dangers of a shared cave and how to avoid the pitfall and be your true self

This has been a really big year for me. After 11 years, I finally told my wife about my gender identity. How I have identified as a girl since I can remember. How I have been dressing in a locked bathroom in the nights, on every business trip. I told my kids about it, and their friends. I told my clients, friends, family and employees about it. Soon an article will come out that resolves the final layer of just being fully public about it. I've written and will write a lot about that.

The same weekend I first told my wife, after she had a chance to understand it, and we had a chance to talk through it all - i had an immediate feeling of having come out of a cave. The RELIEF!!!!!!!! OMG omg omg. The FUN!!!!!!!!!! We had so much love between us, so much intimacy, honesty in our relationship and now we could meet each other all over again. Her understanding how much of what she had always loved was already me as a girl but now without covering. OMG

So, you think, coming out is like coming out of a cave.

But it is *not* a single cave.

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Rassellino : Meet the Face of Fluidity

Rassellino is an amazing person, we are so proud to be able to tell her story. Rassellino and I had such a deep connection during our interview process that it will be likely that this post is the first of many collaborations together.

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